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FSX/FS2004 Bristol Blenheim Mk I
FSX/FS2004 Bristol Blenheim Mk I
5.34Mb (796 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 Bristol Blenheim Mk I The Bristol Blenheim was the first modern 2 engine metal skinned bomber of the RAF. By the outbreak of World War II few Blenheim Mk Is remained in service with home-based bomber squadrons, having been superseded in the bombing role by the Blenheim Mk IV. But their usefulness was by no means ended, many continuing to serve as conversion trainers and, initially, as crew trainers in OTUs. Original model by Thicko,upgrade to FSX/FS2004 by A.F.Scrub
Posted Sep 27, 2014 04:55 by A.F.Scrub
FSX/FS2004 Nemeth Mi-2 Polish Navy Super Pack textures
14.05Mb (128 downloads)
FSX/FS2004 Polish Navy Super Pack textures for the payware Nemeth Mi-2
Posted Sep 27, 2014 04:09 by Voiteh
FS9/FSx B707 2014 Version Lufthansa Classic Textures
10.72Mb (527 downloads)
FS9/FSx B707 2014 Version Lufthansa Classic Textures. Required file "FS9/FSx BOEING 707 -2014 VERSION" . By Libardo Guzman.
Required files:
required file
Posted Sep 26, 2014 17:54 by libardo guzman
Boeing 737-800 Aviolet Package
Boeing 737-800 Aviolet Package
17.68Mb (667 downloads)
Project Opensky Boeing 737-800 Winglets Version AVIOLET for FSX. Repaint by Jacques Louw from South Africa. Using panel & virtual cockpit of the enhanced B737-800 by Alejandro Rojas Lucena.
Posted Sep 26, 2014 16:46 by Jacques Louw
Lockheed Martin F-16A RNLAF NTM Tigermeet 2014
Lockheed Martin F-16A RNLAF NTM Tigermeet 2014
67.69Mb (2769 downloads)
Now Fixed the Aircraft.cfg list. Everything works now. My Apoligies. This package contains: VC, All configs, Flares, smoke, and Afterburner. Model by: Kirk Ollson, Updated VC by: Daniel Garnier, Repaint by: Mees Jansen.
Posted Sep 26, 2014 14:22 by Mees Jansen
LLBG Ben Gurion (Israel) ADEX Based
LLBG Ben Gurion (Israel) ADEX Based
28.03Mb (724 downloads)
LLBG ADEX based scenery. Installation as usual. The project evolution is in the work folder enclosed to the package.
Posted Sep 26, 2014 11:34 by Sergey Stoyanov
Airbus A380-800, Tunisair Package
Airbus A380-800, Tunisair Package
124.04Mb (5091 downloads)
Project Airbus A380-800, Tunisair package (Fictional - Tunisair does not currently operate the A380) for FSX. With upgraded VC including working wipers, FMC. Interior model by Thomas Ruth with small VC edits by Chris Evans. Credits go to the great talents of Project Airbus, Thomas Ruth. Textures by unknown. VC with FMC added by Chris Evans. FMC now incorporated into the VC.
Posted Sep 26, 2014 06:33 by chris evans
DEMO: Airbus A330, US Airways
DEMO: Airbus A330, US Airways
13.86Mb (1332 downloads)
DEMO VERSION: The Airbus A330 is a twin-engined wide-body Airbus A340 and is a four-engined wide-body aircraft produced by AirbusIndustries. Both models have many features and components, and differ essentially only by the number of trie works. You are designed as long-haul aircraft. Both aircraft have modern turbofan engines with high bypass ratio and are the first Flight course with a modern fly-by-wire controls in a two-man cockpit. The first flight of 4 four-engine A340-300 version took place on 25 October 1991 and the twin-engine A330-300 version took place on 2 November 1992. Final assembly of the Airbus A330 and A340 in Toulouse by place on a street clock. As of July 2010 from the Airbus A330 were a total of 710 of 1092 aircraft ordered and delivered from the Airbus A340 delivered a total of 374 of 380 of the aircraft ordered, 369 of which are still in service are. By Andreas Meyer - www.afs-design.de. Demo with banners in VC and Model.
Posted Sep 26, 2014 06:30 by Andreas Meyer
Trans Canada Airlines RetroJet Series  Boeing 787-8
5.25Mb (420 downloads)
FSX Trans Canada Airlines RetroJet Series Boeing 787-8 v5. This CamSim version 5, features more improved and detailed aircraft model and textures , including CamSim's own Animated Ground Servicing (AGS) and new static displays. 2d panel but no VC. Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette.
Posted Sep 26, 2014 03:32 by camil valiquette
Boeing 737 MAX 9 Boeing House Package
Boeing 737 MAX 9 Boeing House Package
107.46Mb (4439 downloads)
FSX Boeing 737 MAX 9 Boeing House Package with Enhanced VC New FSX 737 Max9 model by TDS with advanced 737-800 VC added. The wonderful Boeing 737 Max9 from TDS will be enjoyed by many more people who do not know how to install a VC into a FSX native model. The VC is the Alejandro Rojas Lucena/FSND fantastic revised Boeing 737-800 VC model. This VC model includes Working wipers (right mouse click on switch) with rain effect. Switches for LCD Screens, EICAS, PFD, MFT. Autobrake switch. Opening pilots window. Cabin Lights switch. Realistic FMC. Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS), More Realistic night VC textures. There are custom Boeing sounds included for that extra realism. Use - Instrument panel - Util for ground vehicles, doors stairs, fuel truck, buses. New Utility allows Bus, fuel, doors and more. (Go to Views - Instrument panel - Utility) Model is not modified in any way. Just the VC added and aircraft.cfg edited to allow correct VC views. Edited and assembled for the many who cannot do this themselves. Credits go to TDS wonderful native FSX Boeing Max9 model. See docs for full credits. See VC docs to get the best out of the VC and FMC. See zip preview for larger images. Assembled and prepared for FSX by Chris Evans.
Posted Sep 25, 2014 10:09 by chris evans